Mexiko auf dem Vormarsch

Juni 26, 2019
Rafael Amkie

Mexiko-Stadt, Mexiko

Klasse von 2020

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and to start doing” - Walt Disney. 

Our chapter is back in México and we recently got together with a brand new mindset and started thinking of new ideas for our community. We want to start really using our new knowledge from International Convention and put it to work in México. Our chapter has met up a couple of times now and we’ve been discussing how IC is going to be reflected in México. After IC, our new standard is to dream crazy and accomplish our goals. Big journeys start with small steps. By discussing our different, but similar, experiences at IC, it is clear that anything we want to achieve we are able to do so. 

In our first reunion, we could not stop talking about IC and how much we miss it. We especially miss our new friends and brothers. Lights, camera, and action– that will be the new start for our chapter here in México. 

Our staff members, Isaac and Lina, lead us in an activity to reflect on our trip to Colorado for International Convention. During this, we saw what changes IC made in us when we compared our mindsets before and after the trip. We mostly noticed that we were not dreaming big enough and we were not clear in our dreams before IC. After the event, we came back with completely different thoughts. We knew we could do the impossible. Since the trip our chapter has so close when compared to before. We really got to know each other– starting at the airport– and that marked the beginning of great relationships. We want to create an event that might include motivational speakers, like IC! Now that we have gathered many times, we know now that we want to take action in our community, join forces and change mindsets. 

Rafael is an Aleph from BBYO México.

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