Fünf Dinge, die ich gelernt habe von BBYO

14. Januar 2020
Mia Skaliter

Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Klasse von 2022

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1. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship and good vibes.

In Argentina, teens from ages 14 to 18 meet every Friday and Saturday to learn about other cultures in an engaging way. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get along with the older people, but I am glad I went because it enabled me to make so many new friends.

2. Judaism is more than only festivities.

I have felt so much closer to my religion during my time in BBYO. I’ve learned a great amount about the core values, and I always ponder the meanings of the teachings.

3. BBYO reaches new dimensions.

I couldn’t have imagined the quantity of Jewish teenagers scattered around the world who were willing to interact with their peers with such dedication. There are thousands and thousands of Jewish teens around the world who are able to come together through BBYO.

4. Technology is prevalent.

BBYO thrives with the help of technology. There are committees that people from all around the world participate in, especially for BBYO’s International Convention. They have to be executed perfectly, and technology is an incredibly useful tool to help make this happen.

5. Time flies. 

Time flies when you’re having fun. I cannot believe I have already been in BBYO for a whole year, because it feels like I attended my first program yesterday.

I really enjoyed my first year and I want new members to feel the same way. I hope they take advantage of all the opportunities that come their way, and realize what an incredible organization BBYO is.

Mia Scaliter ist eine BBG aus Argentinien und mag Fotografie und das Schreiben von Artikeln.

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