godolim & n’siot

AZA: Godol | BBG: N'siah

Meet your International Counterparts:

Jared Wilen, 97th Grand Aleph Godol
Emma Zentner, 77th Anita M. Perlman International N'siah

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When we work as a united team, anything is possible. Let's go.

When we need to mobilize our Movement, we'll be looking to all of you. Whether we are recruiting for summer programs, raising money for the International Service Fund (ISF), standing up for the change we wish to see in this world, or anything else, we'll be in it together and will need your help. Yes, you! AZA and BBG are best when we're fired up and ready to move.

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Our Priorities

We're taking a year off before college to strengthen BBYO around the world. Here's what we're focused on for the Movement this year.

Increase AZA Engagement

Since our founding 95 years ago AZA has been the Jewish fraternity providing a safe home to Jewish young men, and this year we’re seeking new ways to engage more Alephs

Increase Brand Awareness

This year, we’ll be meeting with philanthropists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and community leaders around the world to increase the visibility and opportunities our Movement provides.

Celebrate AZA and BBG's Anniversaries

In celebrating 75 years of BBG and 95 years of AZA, we will be strengthening the rituals and traditions we practice to embrace a renewed sense of brotherhood and sisterhood worldwide.

Foster and Develop BBYO Communities

Throughout our travels, we’re looking forward to strengthening our existing BBYO communities and finding new places where BBYO can make an impact on Jewish teens worldwide.

Presidential Picks: Top Tools

From leading a meeting to evaluating the health of chapters to supporting your team, we want to ensure you're ready for it all. Of course, this is just the start, for lots more explore the toolbox. If you're looking to really deepen your skills as a Godol or N'siah, explore the Ritual and Operations priority hubs.

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